Six Reasons to Hire Us as Your Association Management Firm

Secretariat CentralSecretariat Central

Why hire Secretariat Central to manage your association? We could give you many answers – as our clients do when we ask them – but we think these six reasons capture the best of the benefits we bring to any association.

  1. No ramp-up costs and delays. We’re a turnkey solution, with the people, systems and processes all in place and ready to go when you are.
  2. Association-specific expertise. We know how to run not-for-profit associations and charitable organizations because it’s what we do, and all we do, every working day. Governance, audits, bylaws, sponsorships – this is the language we speak and the knowledge we bring to your association.
  3. Economies of scale. As a Secretariat Central client, you enjoy the bottom-line benefits of a shared service model. You’ll also be armed with greater buying power because we negotiate on behalf of many organizations.
  4. Consistently excellent service. We train every member of our team to consistently deliver to our high standard of service. From the way we answer the phone to the speed at which we respond to inquiries, you and your members will see the difference.
  5. Proven best practices. Our model and processes have yielded impressive results for all of our clients. But we continue to learn and tweak to ensure we’re always applying the best practices in your association.
  6. No growing pains. We can easily expand our capacity to meet the needs of your growing association. With our ready-to-scale model, you won’t need to hire and train new people. Growth becomes a seamless – and painless – progression.

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