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Secretariat Central is a dynamic and creative association management company (AMC) always looking for fantastic team members! We provide association management services to not-for-profit healthcare and other Canadian associations and charities. Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best customer service and a platform from which to grow. Our associations are making […]

Subscribers no longer opening your emails? Lost your subject line mojo?Check out some of our tips & ideas on how to grab your audience’s attention! Create an Irresistible Subject Line It is important to understand that your subject line matters. You need to compel your audience to click and start reading or else your email […]

Zoom provides a unified meeting experience that brings HD video conferencing, mobility and web meetings right to your fingertips! Have a country-wide Board that makes having in-person meetings nearly impossible? By using Zoom this isn’t an issue! You can have crystal-clear video conversation and high quality screen sharing, anytime, from anywhere – this is why […]

You understand your organization’s goals, you’ve prepared your pitch and your team has been planning for this meeting for months. It’s suddenly go time—but are you ready for networking and to make the most out of this opportunity? Check out some of our simple tips, tricks and reminders for maximizing your networking opportunities! Click here […]

Our team at Secretariat Central and ALL ABOUT WORDS is proud to have provided 9 gift filled boxes to The Shoebox Project. Each shoebox was filled with thoughtful gifts donated by our amazing team for women impacted by homelessness in our community. WHAT IS THE SHOEBOX PROJECT?The Shoebox Project for Women, Supported by Dream, collects […]

This year, the team at Secretariat Central and ALL ABOUT WORDS is proud to have provided 8 gift filled boxes to The Shoebox Project. Each shoebox was filled with thoughtful gifts donated by our amazing team. The Shoebox Project for Women, supported by Dream, collects and distributes gift-filled Shoeboxes to women impacted by homelessness. Each […]

We all know that truly engaged Board members will be your biggest advocates, volunteers, fundraisers and friend-raisers. But lately it seems that so many associations are experiencing the same challenge: trying to reignite a disengaged Board. *Caveat: If you have a 100% engaged, committed and dedicated Board, consider yourself lucky and read on for some […]

Personalize your membership renewal communications with macro fields rather than a generic greeting like “Dear Member”. Outline the accomplishments of your association from the entire year and emphasize that these achievements would not have been possible without the support of the membership. Don’t forget to celebrate all victories: awards given, grants received, a new website, […]

A commitment to sound financial management is a key component of financial sustainability, and this begins with creating a budget. A budget is the organization’s financial plan for the immediate future (typically one year). Preparing a budget helps not-for-profit organizations plan and allocate resources. A budget identifies any revenue shortfalls and provides lead time to […]

Association management companies, or AMCs, have been around for more than 100 years, but most Canadians don’t even know they exist. This is a shame because, according to the AMC Institute, “on average, AMC-managed associations experience more than three times the growth in net assets and 31 percent more growth in net revenue regardless of size than those that do not use AMCs” (AMC Institute, July 2015).